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2024 Papers

Aleah He, Bhavika Kalia, and Laurelyn Newsome Seifert Surfaces Mentor: Carlos Alvarado
Nahum Linhart and Neel Chattopadhyay Diophantine Equations Mentor:
Joshua Pité And Yiying Zhong The RSA Cryptosystem Mentor: Honglin Zhu
Olivia Chen and Natalie Han PRIMES Circle Final Report Mentor:
Ayla Lin, Vedika Soneji, and Kelsey Liu Intersecting Parallel Lines: Projective Geometry and its Applications Mentor: Luis Modes
Nina Lee and Yurie Lee Introduction to Probability Mentor:
Ladia Khaing and Ada Kilian Incidences between Points and Lines Mentor: Paige Bright
Tanesha Nixel Game Theory Mentor: Sam A Packman
Quinten Jin and Emre Kocaman MIT PRIMES Circle 2024 Mentor:
Ivy Yao and Julia Zhou Extremal Graph Theory and the Shifting Method Mentor: Tomasz Slusarczyk
Nairi Davidian and Winnie Gong Knot Theory: Genus Mentor: Yuyuan Luo
Larine Ouyang, Bang Tam Ngo, and Irene Choi Classification of Cyclic Subgroups with the Fundamental Theorem of Cyclic Groups Mentor:
Ronni Chang and Paige Zhu Introduction to Computation Theory Mentor: Zoe Xi

2023 Papers

Adrian Baez & Danielle Harrington The Theory of Types for Sums of Normal-Play Games Mentor: Yuyuan Luo
Ryan Chao & Yakir Propp An Introduction to the Theory of Computation Mentor: Zhao Yu Ma
Sophia Heinrich & Lucy O’Brien Introductory Combinatorics and Its Applications Mentor: Lily Chen
Chahat Kalia & Cynthia Tian Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind Mentor: Paige Dote
Yuxian “Iris” Liu, Bella Qu, & Niyathi Srinivasan Applications Of Probability Mentor: Lexi Spinetta
Lillian Macarthur Classifying Isometries Mentor: Honglin Zhu
Elian Martinez & Jorge Sanchez Barrientos Numbers, Colors, and Knots Mentor: Luis Modes
Emmanuel Mateo & Jonathan Nguyen Navigating the Network: Real-Life Applications of Graph Traversal Algorithms Mentor: Lexy Zitzmann
Gael Medina & Matheus Moreira Data Structures and Graph Algorithms Mentor: Carlos Alvarado
Veronika Moroz, Ada Tsui, & Athena Wang Combinatorics and Representation Theory Mentor: Katherine Tung
Niva Sethi Finite and Sporadic Groups Mentor: Kaili Liu
Liubov Slesarenko & Chloe Zhong Introduction to Cryptography Mentor: Aparna Gupte
Cathal Stephens & Roonak Thapa Number Theory: Introduction to Euler’s Totient Function Mentor: Ariana Park
Sophia-Gisela Strey Geometric Approach to Investigating Properties of Tarski Groups Mentor: Kaili Liu
Angela Zhao A Brief Survey on Wallpaper Groups Mentor: Kaili Liu

2022 Papers

Zoe Awa & Ankita Varigonda Game Theory Mentor: Yuyuan Luo
Elena Baskakova & Alice He Probability theory: Why You Are Falsely Convicted, Lonely, and in Debt Mentor: Jeremy Smithline
Sebastian Cuervo & Ben Stokes Triangles in Various Geometries Mentor: Paige Dote
Crystal Egbunike & Wintana Tewolde Graph Theory and Its Applications Mentor: Victor Chu
Ling (Esther) Fu & Sarah Pan The Busy Beaver Problem Mentor: Alexandra Hoey
Jessica Guo & Audrey Wei NP-Completeness Mentor: Kerri Lu
Sophia Hou & Jaeyi Song Group Theory Mentor: Merrick Cai
Maya Koreth & Dania Rustom Number Theory and Divisibility Issues Mentor: Ariana Park
Pete Olhava & Alexander Gil Osorio An Introduction to Knot Theory Mentor: Preston Cranford
Gracie Sheng On the Classification of Finite Simple Groups Mentor: Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu
Zoe Siegelnickel & Palak Yadav Algorithm Analysis Mentor: John Shackleton
Daniela Yablon & Ayelet Yablon Introduction to Cryptography Mentor: Aparna Gupte
Evelyn Zhu Symmetric Groups Mentor: Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu

2021 Papers

Isha Agarwal & Minseo Kim DP-3T: Ensuring Cryptographic Security and Privacy In COVID-19 Contact Tracing Mentor: Talia Blum
Xavier Choe & Garima Rastogi Number Fields and Galois Theory Mentor: Merrick Cai
Ephram Chun Applications of Combinatorial Algorithms for Graph Traversal and Efficiency Mentor: Jung Soo (Victor) Chu
Seo Yeon (Gloria) Chun & Alicia Li The Post Correspondence Problem Mentor: Alexandra Hoey
Dimitar Dimitrov & Isaac Patterson Invariants in Knot Theory Mentor: Preston Cranford
Tanvi Ganapathy Wallpaper Groups: Alhambra, Escher and Symmetries Mentor: Kaili Liu
Iris Heikkinen Graph Theory and the Six Degrees of Separation Mentor: Bex Nelson
Neil Jin & Apurva Varigonda Graph Theory and the Optimization of City Infrastructure Mentor: Rachana Madhukara
Kien Lau & Andrew Zeng Models from Introductory Probability Mentor: Jordan Benson
Lisa Liu On the Classification of Tarski Monsters Mentor: Kaili Liu
Duy Pham Enumerative Combinatoric Paper Mentor: Peter Haine
Anusha Senapati A Graph Theory Based Proposal for the Analysis of the RNA Processing Pathway in COVID-19 Disease Pathology Mentor: Bex Nelson
Saniya Srivastava & Heidi Zhang Modeling Altruism in Evolutionary Biology Using Game Theory Mentor: Ariana Park
Jennifer Yuan & Shreya Sinha Game Theory Mentor: Katie Gravel

2020 Papers

William Ayinon Knot Theory and DNA Mentor: Kenneth Cox
Kaylee Chen & Alice Zhou Game Theory Mentor: Marisa Gaetz
Anya Ditkoff & Arshia Verma Random Variables Mentor: Natasha Ter-Saakov
Diego Luca González Gauss & Anthony Zhao Dynamic Programming and Applications Mentor: Jung Soo (Victor) Chu
Jessica He & Joaquin Pischner Gutierrez) On group automorphisms Mentor: Zhuofan Xie
Akhil Kammila & Anshul Rastogi Curve-Shortening Flow Mentor: Bernardo Hernández Adame
Benjamin Ratin Surfaces in Knot Theory Mentor: Kenneth Cox
Henry Serrano-Wu & Divya Rajaraman Introduction to graph theory Mentor: Agustín García
Zoe Shleifer & Elena Su Pythagorean Triples mod p Mentor: Maya Sankar

2019 Papers

Tal Berdichevsky & Corinne Mulvey Graph theory Mentor: Agustín García
Ishita Goluguri & Christina Li Applications of Group Actions Mentor: Maya Sankar
Ildi Hoxhallari & Brian Kubinec Introductory Probability Theory Mentor: Daniel León Jiménez
Michelle Li & Ella Serrano-Wu Combinatorics Mentor: Uma Roy
Joy Lim & Eve Martin The Application of Knot Theory to Models in Biology and Physics Mentor: Radha Mastandrea
Sofia Mrowka, Elizabeth Zhong, & Natasa Zupanski Game Theory Mentor: Marisa Gaetz