Transfer Credit

Credit for a Subject Already Taken

Transfer credit for a specific MIT mathematics subject is awarded for work done at another college if the grade earned is a B- or better and if the subject is substantially equivalent to the corresponding MIT subject

Only the following subjects will be allowed for transfer credit unless the student is transferring into MIT or studying abroad: 18.01, 18.02, 18.03, 18.05 & 18.06.

Transfer credit for incoming students is coordinated by the Office of the First Year. Note that transfer credit cannot be awarded for work done in your high school, only for work done at a college or university. Most on-line classes and dual-enrollment subjects are similarly not eligible for transfer credit.

Instructions to Students Seeking Transfer Credit:

Fill out and deliver the appropriate form to the corresponding Transfer Credit Examiner along with the supporting materials.

Transfer Credit Examiners:

Supporting Materials:

  • Copy of the syllabus for the course from the term in which it was taken.
  • The author, title, and edition of the textbook used, and the sections of it covered by the course. (You may be asked for a photocopy of the table of contents as well.)
  • The Transfer Credit Examiner may ask you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject and will then approve or deny your request.
  • If approved, you must deliver the completed form to the Registrar's Office, Room 5-117 for continuing students and to the Transfer Credit Staff in Room 7-104 for incoming students.
  • Meanwhile, arrange for an official transcript to be sent directly from the college or university at which the course was taken to the MIT Office of the Registrar, 5-117.

When the "Request for Additional Credit" form and your transcript meet in the Registrar's Office, the credit will be processed.

The grade that appears on your MIT transcript will be an "S" (for satisfactory) and is not included in your grade point average. In all other aspects, the subject for which you get transfer credit is treated as it would be if you took it at MIT. For example, transfer credit for 18.06 would confer 12 units of credit and may be counted toward the REST requirement.

The Mathematics Department does not require a further exam for you to receive credit for a subject for which transfer credit has been approved.

Pre-approved Summer Subjects

Some summer subjects are pre-approved for transfer credit from local institutions.

Advance Approval for a Subject

To receive advance approval for a subject not yet taken, submit the above information as far in advance of taking the course as is possible.

For 18.01-18.06, complete the Google Docs form to the extent possible. We will pre-approve courses if you can get the instructor to verify the answers on the form or send us an email about the material that will be covered in proctored exams. If that is not possible, fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and we will let you know if it seems suitable. If suitable, you will be asked to submit the form again upon successful completion of the course to verify which topics were covered in proctored exams. n.b.: Pre-approval is always conditional; credit will not be awarded until you have completed the subject with a grade of B or higher and confirmed that the expected material was covered.