Course 18 Option 1: General Option

The requirements are flexible in order to accommodate several categories of students: students who pursue programs that combine mathematics with a related field (such as physics, economics, or management), and students who are interested in both theoretical and applied mathematics.

Required Subjects:

  • 18.03 or 18.032 (formerly 18.034) (Differential Equations)
    [sufficiently advanced students may substitute 18.152 or 18.303]
  • 18.06, 18.C06 (formerly 18.061), 18.700, or 18.701 (Linear Algebra)

Restricted Electives:

Eight 12-unit subjects beyond calculus and differential equations in Course 18 of essentially different content, including at least six advanced subjects (first decimal digit one or higher or 18.C25) that are distributed over at least three distinct areas (at least three distinct first decimal digits). Linear Algebra will be counted as one of these eight subjects. [The "three distinct areas" rule is new and affects those entering in 2020 or later.]