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Class Schedule: Fall 2020


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Subject Title Instructor(s) Time Place
18.01 Calculus Guth, Larry TR1, F2 on-line
18.01A Calculus Jerison, David TR1, F2 on-line
18.02 Calculus Dyatlov, Semyon TR1, F2 on-line
18.022 Calculus Staffilani, Gigliola TR1, F2 on-line
18.02A Calculus Bush, John TR1, F2 on-line
18.03 Differential Equations Collins, Tristan MW 1, F 12 on-line
18.06 Linear Algebra Mossel, Elchanan MWF 11 on-line
18.062J Mathematics for Computer Science Abel, Zachary, Leighton, Tom TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.085 / 0851 Computational Science and Engineering I Demanet, Laurent MWF 10 on-line
18.100A / 1001 Real Analysis Rodriguez, Casey TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.100B / 1002 Real Analysis Colding, Tobias Holck TR 9:30-11 on-line
18.100Q Real Analysis Zhao, Yiming MW 12:30-2 on-line
18.101 / 1011 Analysis and Manifolds Melrose, Richard TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.103 / 1031 Fourier Analysis: Theory and Applications Lawrie, Andrew TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.112 / 1121 Functions of a Complex Variable Borodin, Alexei TR 1-2:30 on-line
18.155 Differential Analysis I Mrowka, Tomasz MWF 1 hybrid
18.200A Principles of Discrete Applied Mathematics Cifuentes Pardo, Diego MWF12 on-line
18.204 Undergraduate Seminar in Discrete Math Dhara, Souvik, Gadish, Nir MWF 10 on-line
18.211 Combinatorial Analysis Jiang, Zilin MWF 11 on-line
18.217 Combinatorial Theory Postnikov, Alexander MWF 1 on-line
18.226 Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics Zhao, Yufei MW 2:30-4 on-line
18.305 Advanced Analytic Methods in Science and Engineering Cheng, Hung MWF 2 on-line
18.336J Fast Methods for Partial Differential and Integral Equations Burns, Keaton TR 9:30-11 on-line
18.337J Numerical Computing and Interactive Software Rackauckas, Christopher TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.338 Eigenvalues of Random Matrices Edelman, Alan MW 2:30-4 on-line
18.353J Nonlinear Dynamics: Chaos Durey, Matthew TR 1-2:30 on-line
18.384 Undergraduate Seminar in Physical Mathematics Kodio, Ousmane TR 9:30-11 on-line
18.385J Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Rosales, Rodolfo TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.404 / 4041J Theory of Computation Sipser, Michael TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.410J Design and Analysis of Algorithms Course 6, EECS TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.415J Advanced Algorithms Course 6, EECS MWF 2:30-4 on-line
18.425J Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Course 6, EECS
18.434 Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science Gaudio, Julia MW 11-12:30 on-line
18.435J Quantum Computation Shor, Peter MWF 1 on-line
18.437J Distributed Algorithms Course 6, EECS TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.504 Seminar in Logic Cohn, Henry TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.600 Probability and Random Variables Kelner, Jonathan MWF 10 on-line
18.642 Topics in Math with Applications in Finance Kempthorne, Peter TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.650 / 6501 Fundamentals of Statistics Rigollet, Philippe TR 9:30-11 on-line
18.655 Mathematical Statistics Maunu, Tyler MWF 10 on-line
18.675 Theory of Probability Wang, Yilin MW 11-12:30 on-line
18.700 Linear Algebra Kac, Victor TR 2:30-4 on-line
18.701 Algebra I Poonen, Bjorn MWF 11 on-line
18.704 Seminar in Algebra Chan, Charlotte TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.705 Commutative Algebra Bezrukavnikov, Roman MW 2:30-4 on-line
18.706 Noncommutative Algebra Yun, Zhiwei MW 11-12:30 on-line
18.715 Introduction to Representation Theory Lusztig, George TR 4-5:30 on-line
18.725 Algebraic Geometry I Maulik, Davesh TR 11-12:30 on-line
18.745 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras I Etingof, Pavel TR 1-2:30 hybrid
18.748 Topics in Lie Theory Kim, Ju-Lee TR 2:30-4 hybrid
18.782 Introduction to Arithmetic Geometry Roe, David MWF 12 on-line
18.784 Seminar in Number Theory Kriz, Daniel TR 1-2:30 hybrid
18.785 Number Theory I Zhang, Wei MW 1-2:30 on-line
18.821 Project Laboratory in Mathematics NeguČ›, Andrei WF 9-11 on-line
18.900 Geometry and Topology in the Plane Seidel, Paul MWF 1 on-line
18.901 / 9011 Introduction to Topology Dai, Irving MWF 2 on-line
18.905 Algebraic Topology I Hahn, Jeremy MWF 11 on-line
18.919 Graduate Topology Seminar Miller, Haynes MWF 11 on-line
18.965 Geometry of Manifolds I Minicozzi, William TR 9:30-11 hybrid
18.A03 First-Year Seminar: Knot Theory Mrowka, Tomasz MW 9 on-line
18.A06 First-Year Seminar: What is a Number? Miller, Haynes T 3-5 on-line
18.A34 First-Year Seminar: Mathematical Problem Solving Zhao, Yufei MW 10 on-line
18.S096 Special Subject: Linear Algebra and Optimization Moitra, Ankur, Parrilo, Pablo MWF 2 on-line
18.S190 Special Subject: Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering Demanet, Laurent MW 3-4:30 (H2) on-line
18.S191 Special Subject: Introduction to Computational Thinking for Real-World Problems Edelman, Alan, Sanders, David TR 2:30-3:30 on-line
18.S996 Special Subject: Topics in Quantum Computation Course 8, Physics TR 1-2:30 on-line