Most offices have computers. If your office doesn't have a computer and you would like one, please send an email to , call us at (617)324-1507, or stop by 2-170.

Generally, each faculty member or graduate student will have a Linux workstation available for use in his or her office or the computer room in the basement, 2-090a. But any member of the department who would like a workstation is welcome to one. Currently, computers on the Math network are limited to Linux workstations. Please see us if you need to connect Windows or Mac OS machines on the Math network.

Linux workstations currently run Fedora operating system with the GNOME Desktop set as the default desktop environment. We are also moving towards offering Ubuntu LTS so some of the newly deployed machines may have that instead. Once you type in your username and password you are presented with a graphical user environment that is similar to other commercial operating systems.

Users can login to any Linux workstation in the department using their username and password. Your files are stored on a central fileserver and are available from all machines. Given that the Math Department is primarily a Unix-type environment, reviewing the Unix tutorial might be useful.

PLEASE NOTE: users do not have root privileges on Linux workstations. If you need something installed or encounter an issue, please contact us.


On any of the Math Department machines, you will find the following generally used programs.


Web Browsers:

Math Software:

Document Typesetting/Processing:

Document Display:

Program Information Links
Pine Text based email reader.
From a terminal window type pine.
mail Text based email reader.
From a terminal type mail.
mail manual page
Thunderbird Graphical email reader/composer.
Found under Applications -> Internet
Thunderbird Support Page
Firefox State of the art graphical web browser.
Found under Applications -> Internet
Firefox Support Page
Chrome Goolge's web browser
Chrome Support Page
MATLAB Technical computing software.
Found under Math Department -> MATLAB, or from a terminal type matlab.
MATLAB Quick Start
Mathematica Technical computing software.
Found under Math Department -> Mathmatica, or from a terminal type mathematica
For use on personal machines, faculty and staff can get Mathematica from the Department Computer Help Desk. Students can order a copy from MIT here(certificates required).
Mathematica Learning Center
Maple Technical computing software.
Found under Math Department -> Maple, or from a terminal type maple or xmaple for the graphical interface.
For use on personal machines, you can obtain a copy of maple from MIT here(certificates required).
Maple Mastery(certificates required).
R Statistical Computing and Graphics.
From a terminal, type R.
An Introduction to R
MAGMA Computer algebra software.
From a terminal, type magma.
This software will only run on runge, hypatia, dwork, or archimedes.
MAGMA Handbook
LaTeX A document preparation system. LaTex Wikibook
Kile Integrated LaTeX environment. The Kile Handbook
TexStudio Integrated LaTeX environment. TexStudio User Manual
TexMaker Integrated LaTeX environment. TexMaker User Manual
okular Transcendent PDF viewer.
evince A simple pdf/ps document viewer.
xdvi A dvi file viewer.