From pure math to applied mathematics, more women than ever are interested in solving real-world and theoretical problems in pursuit of a better world. We are students, postdocs, instructors, professors, math teachers, and researchers, working in education, industry, tech, finance, and government. This website celebrates MIT mathematicians who identify as female in our department and the larger STEM community. We’re interested in advocating for an inclusive atmosphere and promoting gender equity within a largely male-dominated field. Our goal for this website is to provide a welcoming space to share our projects and achievements, upcoming events, career resources, and networking opportunities among your peers, fellow professionals, and educators. We wish to encourage women and girls to study math for the sheer joy of it, to promote their personal and professional development, and to consider careers in the mathematical sciences.

Latest News

  • Audrey Xie named 2023-24 Goldwater Scholar

    MIT undergraduate Audrey Xie has been selected to receive Barry Goldwater Scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year.

    Audrey is a third-year undergrad majoring in mathematics and computer science. Her research focuses on using gradient-based optimizers to train neural networks.

    Xie plans to pursue a PhD in computer science and hopes to one day conduct research in machine learning and teach at the university level.

    Read more at MIT News.

  • Celebrate International Women in Math Day

    Room 2-290 May 11 Room 2-290 3pm-6pm

  • Virginia Norwood ’47, a pioneer in satellite land imaging, dies at age 96

    Virginia Norwood sits at the Storm Detector Radar Set at the Army Signal Corps Laboratories in New Jersey in a photo displayed at the Institute for Radio Engineers Convention, Spring 1950.Virginia Norwood via NASA

    “Mother of Landsat” Virginia Norwood, a 1947 MIT mathematical physics alumna, was the founding figure in satellite land imaging who developed technology to scan the surface of the moon for safe landing sites and map our planet from space. She died April 2, 2023, at the age of 96.  

    Norwood is best known for developing the Multispectral Scanner System that flew on the first Landsat satellite, …