From pure math to applied mathematics, more women than ever are interested in solving real-world and theoretical problems in pursuit of a better world. We are students, postdocs, instructors, professors, math teachers, and researchers, working in education, industry, tech, finance, and government. This website celebrates MIT mathematicians who identify as female in our department and the larger STEM community. We’re interested in advocating for an inclusive atmosphere and promoting gender equity within a largely male-dominated field. Our goal for this website is to provide a welcoming space to share our projects and achievements, upcoming events, career resources, and networking opportunities among your peers, fellow professionals, and educators. We wish to encourage women and girls to study math for the sheer joy of it, to promote their personal and professional development, and to consider careers in the mathematical sciences.

Latest News

  • Film screening Feb 23

    To celebrate Black History Month we organized the projection of the newly released documentary Journey of Black Mathematicians: Forging Resilience by director George Csicsery.

    This film includes Monica Stephens Cooley "describing the dilemmas faced by Black women with PhDs in math."

    Read more about the documentary at  http://zalafilms.com/jbm/forging.html

    The showing is Friday, February 23, at 4 pm in room 2-190. The documentary is about one hour long, and at 5 pm a reception will be held in 2-290. 

  • A Visit to JMM

    Former MIT postdoc Maggie Miller had just one day to spend at JMM 2024 in San Francisco.

    A first-year assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and a Clay Research Fellow, Miller had another math conference to go to that week. But having attended JMM for more than a decade meant she knew her way around.

    On the opening morning of JMM, Miller would present her research. That afternoon, as people flooded the awards ceremony elsewhere, Miller perched on a chair in the front row at “Searching for Triple Grid Diagrams” by Devashi Gulati

    “It’s sort of about two areas of …

  • Dr. Lenore Carol Blum PhD ’68: ‘Accidental Activist’ Who Changed the Face of Mathematics

    Throughout her 60-year career, Lenore Blum has developed new perspectives on logic and computation while championing women in mathematics and computer science. Now consciousness is on her mind.

    Read more in Quanta.