Spring 2024 Student Jobs in Mathematics

Help us with our teaching this Spring! We are offering several positions for the upcoming semester, with various time commitments and levels of complexity based on your skills and availability. We look forward to seeing your application!


Submit your job application on the Student Jobs Application Form

Deadline for UTA applications: November 15th
Deadline for all other applications: January 15th (but we will continue to review later applications until all positions are filled)

Requirements for all positions:

  • Received an A in the class you wish to work for, or in more advanced subjects demonstrating your mastery of the material
    • If you want to work for a course you received a PE grade in, we will ask your professor to vouch that you did A-level work.
  • Participate in important training for the position (minimal for the grading job, much more substantial for the UTA job)
  • Conduct yourself ethically and professionally -- meeting your responsibilities in a conscientious and timely manner, respecting student confidentiality (concerning grades, personal information, etc.), and treating students and staff with courtesy and respect.
  • All these jobs are expected to be conducted on campus this fall.

Job Descriptions


  • Grade problem sets, typically weekly.
  • Graders are ALWAYS needed for our service subjects (18.01 - 18.06), and many of our higher-level courses typically need graders as well.
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours/week, depending on course
  • Pay rate: $15/hour for service subjects; $17/hour for all others

Tutor in the Math Learning Center (MLC)

  • Provide drop-in tutoring assistance in our service subjects — Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra — and any other Course 18 subjects you have expertise in.
  • Tutoring experience is helpful but not required.
  • Time commitment: minimum of 4 hours/week
  • Pay rate: $19/hour
  • More info on the Learning Center Website

Undergraduate Assistant

  • Will be asked to perform various tasks depending on professor's needs. All UAs will grade some problem sets, in addition to doing one or more of the following:
    • Holding office hours and problem set/review sessions (sort of “unofficial recitations” for classes that do not have official ones)
    • Working as a “writing coach” for a CI-M
    • Assisting with online learning materials (e.g. monitoring questions on Piazza)
    • Other faculty/student support as needed
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours/week, depending on course
  • Pay rate: $18-20 depending on responsibilities

Undergraduate TA — MUST APPLY BY July 15th

  • Teach two hour-long recitation sections a week for 18.02, 18.03, 18.06, or 18.600.
  • Perform all other typical recitation leader duties: Grade some p-sets, hold office hours and review sessions, and help grade exams.
  • MUST be able to participate in teacher training workshop shortly before the start of fall classes.
  • Ideal candidates are juniors/seniors with previous tutoring experience (such as working in the MLC) and exceptional math skills
  • Pay rate: a flat rate of $3400 for the term

And don't forget UROPs! You can find more information for the UROP program on the UROP Page