Math Major

There are four undergraduate programs in mathematics. The first three are all part of Course 18 and lead to the degree Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. The fourth is Mathematics with Computer Science, Course 18C, and leads to a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computer Science.

Course 18

Course 18C

Math Communication Requirement

Subjects with Essentially Similar Content

The breadth of careers envisioned by Mathematics Majors has led to the creation of a number of subjects with similar content. The following limitation applies to all four degree options: Subjects taken to satisfy the Mathematics degree requirements must not have essentially similar content. Specifically, you may count at most one of the subjects from each of the following lists.

  • 18.06, 18.C06 (formerly 18.061), and 18.700 (Linear Algebra)
  • 18.702 or 18.703 (Algebra)
  • 18.04 or 18.075 or 18.112 (Complex Variables)
  • 18.05 or 18.600 or 6.3700 (formerly 6.041) or 15.069 or 15.079 (Probability)
  • 18.650 or 15.075 (Statistics)
  • 18.400J or 18.404J (Computation)
  • 18.062 or 18.200 or 18.200A [effective starting with the class of 2020]
  • 18.413 or 18.417

For the 2020-2023 academic years, these additional special cases also apply:

  • 18.S096 (fall 2020 only), 6.S084, and 18.06
  • 18.S190=6.S082 (fall 2020, spring 2021) and 18.C20 (formerly 18.0002)
  • 18.S191 (fall 2020, spring 2021, fall 2022) and 18.S190 (spring 2020) and 6.S083
  • 18.S996 (fall 2020 only) and 8.S372
  • 18.S997 (spring 2022 only) and 6.7720 (formerly 6.265) and 15.070
  • 18.090 and 18.S096 (spring 2022 only)
  • 18.226 and 18.218 (spring 2018-19) – new number, but same class
  • 18.656 and 18.S998 = 9.521 = IDS.160 (spring 2019-20) – new number, but same class
  • 18.225 and 18.217 (fall 2019) and 18.S997 (fall 2017) -- new number, but same class

Classes taken at MIT

While we are happy to consider Transfer Credit for work done elsewhere, at least half of the subjects beyond 18.03 used to fulfill the requirements for the Mathematics major must be taken at MIT; i.e. at least four of the eight 12-unit subjects required for the course 18 options, and at least six of the twelve required for the 18C option.


The math-major roadmaps page provides guidance on relevant classes for different fields and applications of mathematics, sorted roughly into the order in which they might be taken.

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