Graduate Students 2018-2019 Graduate Students 2018-2019

The department offers programs covering a broad range of topics leading to the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Science degrees (the student chooses which to receive; they are functionally equivalent). Candidates are admitted to either the Pure or Applied Mathematics programs but are free to pursue interests in both groups. Of the roughly 120 Ph.D. students, about 2/3 are in Pure Mathematics, 1/3 in Applied Mathematics.


The two programs in Pure and Applied Mathematics offer basic and advanced classes in analysis, algebra, geometry, Lie theory, logic, number theory, probability, statistics, topology, astrophysics, combinatorics, fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, mathematics of data, and the theory of computation. In addition, many mathematically-oriented courses are offered by other departments. Students in Applied Mathematics are especially encouraged to take courses in engineering and scientific subjects related to their research.

All students pursue research under the supervision of the faculty, and are encouraged to take advantage of the many seminars and colloquia at MIT and in the Boston area.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements consist of:

Prospective students are invited to consult the graduate career timeline for more information, and to read about the application procedure.

Graduate Co-Chairs

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Jonathan Kelner, Davesh Maulik, and Zhiwei Yun