Theoretical Computer Science

There are two basic subjects on the theory of computational complexity:

  • 18.400J (Computability and Complexity Theory) is slower paced than 18.404J.
  • 18.404J (Theory of Computation) is a more extensive and theoretical treatment of the material of 18.400J.

Both 18.400J and 18.404J have 18.062J as a prerequisite, though 18.404J allows a substitution of 18.200.

The study of algorithms is taken up by

  • 18.410J (Design and Analysis of Algorithms), which requires 6.1210 (formerly 6.006).

There are two Undergraduate Seminars in this area:

  • 18.424 (Seminar in Information Theory) requiring a subject in probability and a subject in linear algebra.
  • 18.434 (Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science) requiring 18.410J.