Math Major Opportunities

Students should refer to The American Mathematical Society site for undergraduate opportunities of all kinds—graduate school and employment information, summer programs, semester programs in the US and abroad, clubs, conferences and competitions.


Summer Programs

MIT Mathematics Majors have a number of math-centric summer activities available.

  • SPUR - MIT Mathematics Department Summer Program on Undergraduate Research
  • There is a wide range of other "Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Research Programs," many supported by the NSF, and of summer internships with mathematical content. See the American Mathematical Society site for a listing.
  • PROMYS - work as a counselor for a high school mathematics program at BU
  • UROP - Summer is also a good time to think about doing a UROP

Math Undergraduate Clubs

  • Undergraduate Math Association - Undergradute Math Club holds weekly seminars and pizza
  • Undergraduate Society for Women in Mathematics
  • MIT Council for Math Majors
  • NEW: Some funds are available for new student-run clubs, to complement our existing ones. We hope that this helps to promote a community spirit that is inclusive of everyone and of all kinds of engagement with math. Course 18 students interested in organizing a new club running should submit an informal description of their idea (1/2 a page to a page) to Professor Nike Sun ().


International Study

Math majors can go abroad for international study. Please browse our list of programs and their appication deadlines.


Deadlines vary by program. Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) has information on its fellowship website and offers advice on applications.


There are limited departmental funds available to support math majors to participate in an REU program over the summer in cases where they are unable to receive stipend funding from the REU program.

To apply, the math major should have already received an offer from an REU program. Please submit

  1. A completed application form
  2. A supporting letter from an MIT faculty member emailed directly to Professor Nike Sun ().
  3. A copy of the offer letter from the REU

All items need to be submitted in order to be considered. We ask that you submit the application as soon as you have an REU offer, and no later than March 20 each year.

Departmental Travel Funds

There are limited department funds available to support travel expenses of math majors. These are primarily intended for travel to conferences in which the student is participating actively (such as, presenting a paper). To apply, email Debbie Bower ( The application should include a paragraph explaining the details of the request (as a minimum, the conference name and location, expected cost of trip, and nature of the student's participation). Support from a faculty member is essential for a successful request.