Math Department Computing Environment

Most offices have computers. If your office doesn't have a computer please send an email to, call us at (617)253-4995, or stop by 2-170.

Generally, each faculty member or graduate student will have a Linux workstation available for use in his or her office or cubicle. Currently, computers on the Math network are limited to Linux workstations. Please see us if you need to connect Windows or Mac OS machines on the Math network.

Linux workstations currently run Fedora operating system with the GNOME Desktop set as the default desktop environment. Once you type in your username and password you are presented with a graphical user environment that is similar to other commercial operating systems. Please see the workstations page for more information.

Users can login to any Linux workstation in the department using their MIT Kerberos username and password once they've been set up to do so (Please see us or email us to make sure that has happened). Users DO NOT have sudo or root priviligies on their department supplied desktops. Your files are stored on a central fileserver and are available from all machines. Given that the Math Department is primarily a Unix-type environment, reviewing the Unix tutorial might be useful.