Some manuscripts

Frank Adams
An expostion of Carlsson's proof
Bousfield Localization

Michael Atiyah
Oxford Seminar on Jones-Witten Theory Michaelmas term, 1988

Michael Atiyah and Graeme Segal
Lectures on Equivariant K-theory

Andy Baker
Adams-Novikov spectral sequences for projective spaces

Pete Bousfield
Higher order suspension maps for non-additive functors, Pete's thesis, directed by Dan Kan
Operations on derived functors of non-additive functors
Homogeneous functors and their derived functors

Henri Cartan
In the summer of 1953 Henri Cartan gave a series of lectures at the University of Chicago. Frank Peterson took these notes

Albrecht Dold
Half exact functors and cohomology

Martin Guest
Some Relations between Homotopy Theory and Differential Geometry, thesis, directed by Graeme Segal

John Harper
Carmina Collegi

Heinz Hopf
Some personal memories of the early years of topology

Andre Joyal
Notes by an unknown scribe on lectures at CRM on quasicategories

K. D. Kordzaya and R. G. Nadiradze
Elliptical genera of the N-th level and umbral analysis

Jean Lannes and Said Zarati
Derives de la destabilisation ...
Invariants de Hopf ...

Lynn Loomis
Linear Algebra

Mark Mahowald and Alan Unell
Bott Periodicity at the prime 2 ...

MIT Topology Seminar
Summer 1965: Homotopy groups of spheres

Bill Massey and Frank Peterson
V_{n,r}-bundles and secondary characteristic classes
On the cohomology algebra ...

Bruce McQuistan
Real connective K-theory of Brown-Peterson spectra, handwritten preliminary version of a Masters Degree thesis directed by Doug Ravenel
Jean-Pierre Meyer
Geometric realizations in general categories

John Milnor
Characteristic Classes

John Milnor and John Moore
Algebraic Homotopy Theory notes
John Moore
Category theory, 1969-70 manuscript
Modern Classical Algebra. Ch 0, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11 missing, Ch 12, Ch 13
Seminario J. C. Moore Operaciones cohomologicas y systemas de Postnikov
Seminar 1957-58, notes by F. P. Peterson

Jack Morava and Yuji Shimizu
A topological generalization of the elliptic genus, May 1990.

Huynh Mui
Duality in the infinite symmetric products, Acta Mathematica Vietnamica 5:1 (1980) 100-149
Homology operations derived from the Dickson's invariants

R. G. Nadiradze
Some remarks on torsion in symplectic cobordism, English version of (Russian) Soobshch. Akad. Nauk Gruzin. SSR 135 (1989), no. 1, 33–36.

Serge Ochanine
S^1-varietes spinorielles et genres elliptiques, notes from lectures in France, 1985.
Elliptic genera for S^1-manifolds, notes for lecture at the Princeton conference on elliptic cohomology, 1987.

Frank Peterson
Generalized cohomotopy groups, Thesis, Princeton University, 1955.
Topology course notes, undated "Moore method" course notes.
Relations among the Stiefel-Whitney classes of manifolds, Aarhus Colloquium on Algebraic Topology, 1962.
Numerical invariants of homotopy type, Aarhus Colloquium on Algebraic Topology, 1962.
Homotopy commutativity of classical groups, technical report.
Problem from the Opera-Topology Miniconference, Bloomington, 1974.

Daniel Quillen
Notes on the cohomology of commutative algebras
Quillen visited MIT one semester and gave a course on cyclic homology. Here are my notes.

Hugh Robinson
New model structures from old

Hartley Rogers
Introduction to Probability and Statistics: 18.05, Spring 1999. Vol 1 Frontmatter, Vol 2 Frontmatter, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13-14, Ch 15-16, Ch 17, Ch 18,

Melvin Rothenberg and Norman Steenrod
Cohomology of classifying spaces ...

Larry Smith
Lectures on the complex bordism of finite complexes ... University of Chicago, April, 1970

Bob Thomason
Open letter, February, 1991.

Hirosi Toda
Unstable 3-primary homotopy groups of spheres, Econoinfomatics No. 29, March 2003.

Minato Yasuo
Mecanisations--Etude axiomatique des suites spectrales

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