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Eleventh Annual Spring Term PRIMES Conference, May 22-23 , 2021

May conference abstracts

Saturday, May 22


9:00 am: Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Pavel Etingof, PRIMES Chief Research Advisor
Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director

9:15-10:15 am: Session 1: PRIMES Circle

Gloria Chun & Alicia Li, “The Post Correspondence Problem” (mentor Alexandra Hoey) (slides)
Isha Agarwal & Minseo Kim, “DP-3T: Ensuring Cryptographic Safety and Security In COVID-19 Contact Tracing” (mentor Talia Blum) (slides)
Kien Lau & Andrew Zeng, “Models from Introductory Probability" (mentor Jordan Benson)

10:20-11:20 am: Session 2: PRIMES Circle

Lisa Liu & Tanvi Ganapathy, “A Brief Review of Special Topics in Group Theory” (mentor Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu) (slides)
Xavier Choe & Garima Rastogi, “Number Fields and Galois Theory” (mentor Merrick Cai) (slides)
Dimitar Dimitrov & Isaac Patterson, “Invariants in Knot Theory” (mentor Preston Cranford)

11:25 am - 12:20 pm: Session 3: PRIMES Circle

Neil Jin & Apurva Varigonda, “Graph Theory and the Optimization of City Infrastructure” (mentor Rachana Madhukara)
Anusha Senapati & Iris Heikkinen, “Branches of Graph Theory: On Spanning Trees” (mentor Rebecca Nelson)
Ephram Chun, “Applications of Combinatorial Algorithms for Graph Traversal and Efficiency” (mentor Jung Soo Chu) (slides)

12:30-1:00 pm: Virtual Chat with PRIMES Chief Research Advisor Prof. Pavel Etingof, Head Mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova, Circle coordinator Peter Haine, and assistant Circle coordinator Marisa Gaetz (for students and parents)

1:15-2:10 pm: Session 4: PRIMES Circle

Christian Nichols & Duy Pham, “Combinatorics” (mentor Eli Garcia) (slides)
Shreya Sinha & Jennifer Yuan, “Well, that's just a theory.... a GAME theory” (mentor Katie Gravel)
Saniya Srivastava & Heidi Zhang, “Modeling Altruism in Evolutionary Biology Using Game Theory” (mentor Ariana Park)

2:15-3:10 pm: Session 5: PRIMES Reading and PRIMES STEP

Jason Tang (PRIMES Reading), “The Sperner Property and Quotients of Boolean Algebras” (mentor Luis Kumanduri) (slides)
Michael Han, Ella Kim, Evin Liang, Mira Lubashev, Oleg Polin, Vaibhav Rastogi, Benjamin Taycher, Ada Tsui, Cindy Wei (PRIMES STEP Junior group), “Fun with Latin Squares” (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Matvey Borodin, Eric Chen, Aidan Duncan, Boyan Litchev, Jiahe Liu, Veronika Moroz, Matthew Qian, Rohith Raghavan, Garima Rastogi, and Michael Voigt (PRIMES STEP Senior group), “Stable Marriage Problem” (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)

Sunday, May 23

Computer Science and Computational Biology

9:00 am Welcoming Remarks

Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director
Prof. Srini Devadas, PRIMES Computer Science Section Coordinator

9:10-10:10 am: Session 6: Computer Science

Benjamin Chen, “Practical Anonymity Sets in Pseudonymous Forums” (mentor Kyle Hogan) (slides)
Linda Chen, “Communication Complexity of Byzantine Broadcast” (mentor Jun Wan) (slides)
Matthew Ding, “Signed-Message Relay Version of Iterative Approximate Byzantine Consensus for Directed Graphs” (mentor Hanshen Xiao) (slides)

10:20-11:20 am: Session 7: Computer Science and PRIMES Reading

Beining (Cathy) Zhou, “A High-Order Cumulant-Based Sparse Ruler for Improved Lag Generation” (mentor Hanshen Xiao) (slides)
Jason Yang, “Decentralized Gradient Descent: How Network Structure Affects Convergence” (mentors Jun Wan and Hanshen Xiao (slides)  
Ishita Goluguri and Toyesh Jayaswal (PRIMES Reading), “Jumping into Markov Chains” (mentor Dr. Benjamin Landon) (slides)

11:30 am - 12:10 pm: Session 8: Computational Biology

Sarah Chen, “In Silico Prediction of Retained Intron-Derived Neoantigens in Leukemia” (mentors Dr. Nicoletta Cieri, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Kari Stromhaug) (slides)
Mikhail Alperovich, “Data Driven Quality Control for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing” (mentor Dr. Ayshwarya Subramanian, Broad Institute)


With questions, contact PRIMES Program Director Dr. Slava Gerovitch at