The following individuals, corporations and foundations have contributed significant expendable and/or endowment funds for Department programs such as endowed faculty chairs and graduate student fellowships.


Mathematics Endowed Fellowships — an endowed fellowship program that fully or partially supports many of our top graduate students every year. Made possible by the John S. and Cynthia Reed Foundation, The Simons Foundation, and other generous donors.

Akamai Presidential Fellowship — fellowships for first year graduate students funded by Akamai Technologies, Inc.

American Foundation for Bulgaria Fellowship — we have our alum and AFB president Diko Mihov to thank for supporting a Bulgarian graduate student in his/her study of mathematics.


Levinson, Singer and Simons Professorships — gifts of the Simons Foundation.

Leighton Family Professorship — gift of the Leighton Family.

Shannon Professorship — gift of John and Cynthia Reed.

MathWorks Professorship — gift of the MathWorks Company.

MathWorks Fellowships — gift of Jack Little and MathWorks.