Visiting Committee

The MIT Mathematics Visiting Committee is one of several Committees of Annual Recurrence of the MIT Corporation. First established at MIT in 1875, visiting committees operate as advisory groups to the Corporation, affording appraisal, advice and insight to the Corporation, senior administration, faculty and students. Members of these committees help to maintain a close relationship between academic procedure and professional practice, and provide expert comment on current and proposed departmental programs.

Visiting committee meetings provide faculty and students with opportunities to contribute to the governance of MIT, and they encourage stimulating and highly valued reviews. Important changes in departmental and Institute policy have resulted from visiting committee recommendations.


The MIT Mathematics Visiting Committee normally meets on campus every two years.


Approximately 400 distinguished scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives and educators serve on the Institute's visiting committees. Each committee is elected by the Corporation, and includes some members assigned by the Chairman of the Corporation, one of whom chairs the committee. Other members are nominated by the President of MIT or by the MIT Alumni/ae Association.

Here is the current membership of the committee.