Simons Lecture Series

2007 Lectures

Terry Tao Department of Mathematics, UCLA

April 4-6


The dichotomy between structure and randomness

  • Lecture 1:

    Structure and randomness in Fourier analysis and number theory

  • Lecture 2:

    Structure and randomness in ergodic theory and graph theory

  • Lecture 3:

    Structure and randomness in PDE

Davis Dohoho Department of Statistics, Stanford University

April 9-11


  • Lecture 1:

    Sparsity in statistics and signal processing

  • Lecture 2:

    Neighborly polytopes and the L1-norm

  • Lecture 3:

    Spin glasses and sparse modelling

Simons Lecture Poster 2007
Simons Lecture Poster 2007

Simons Lectures Over the Years

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