Simons Lecture Series

2006 Lectures

Akshay Venkatesh Clay Mathematics Institute Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

May 1-3

4:30-5:30 pm

  • Lecture 1:

    A quick history of the arithmetics of quadratic forms, from Gauss to Siegel.

  • Lecture 2:

    Quadratic forms via harmonic analysis.

  • Lecture 3:

    Quadratic forms via p-adic dynamics.

Yves Couder Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris Université Paris 6 & 7

May 8-10

4:30-5:30 pm

  • Lecture 1:

    The geometry and dynamics of plant growth: phyllotaxis as seen by physicists.

  • Lecture 2:

    On hierarchical 2D space dividing patterns; leaf venation, cracks, town planning.

  • Lecture 3:

    On the dynamics and self organization of wave-particle association at a macroscopic scale.

Simons Lecture Poster 2006
Simons Lecture Poster 2006

Simons Lectures Over the Years

2024: Elon Lindenstrauss, Lenka Zdeborova

2022: Bhargav Bhatt, Cynthia Dwork

2020: (postponed) Bhargav Bhatt, Cynthia Dwork

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2018: Stephen Boyd, Sylvia Serfaty

2017: Yuval Peres, Martin Hairer

2016: Michael P. Brenner, Maryam Mirzakhani (cancelled due to illness)

2015: Leslie Greengard, Laure Saint-Raymond

2014: Daniel Spielman, Ben Green

2013: Emmanuel Candès, Raphaël Rouquier

2012: Alexander Lubotzky, László Lovász

2011: Steven Strogatz, Manjul Bhargava

2010: Peter Winkler, Andrei Okounkov

2009: Étienne Ghys, Robert Shapire

2008: Peter Teichner, John Conway

2007: Terry Tao, David Donoho

2006: Akshay Venkatesh, Yves Couder

2005: Noga Alon, Nigel Hitchin

2004: Wendelin Werner

2003: Grigory Perelman

2002: Robert MacPherson

2001 Fall: Peter Shor

2001 Spring: Laurent Lafforgue