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Sixth Annual PRIMES Conference, May 21-22, 2016

Room 4-270, MIT

Open to the public

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See also the materials of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 PRIMES conferences, and 2016 reading groups mini-conference

Saturday, May 21


PRIMES Math and PRIMES STEP students and mentors with Prof. Pavel Etingof

8:20 am Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Tomasz Mrowka, Head of the MIT Mathematics Department
Prof. Pavel Etingof, PRIMES Chief Research Advisor
Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director

Nicholas Guo

8:50 am Session 1

Nicholas Guo, Rational hyperplane arrangements and counting independent sets of symmetric graphs (mentor Guangyi Yue) (slides)
Valerie Zhang, Computer-based representations and manipulations of paths in the plane (mentor Umut Varolgunes) (slides)
Aaron Yeiser, A robust spectral PDE solver on skinny triangles (mentor Dr. Alex Townsend) (slides)

Valerie Zhang

10:00 am Session 2

Kai-Siang Ang, On the geometry of icosahedral viruses (mentor Prof. Laura Schaposnik, University of Illinois at Chicago) (slides)
Nikhil Marda, On point separation by arrangements of lines (mentor Borys Kadets) (slides)
Zachary Chroman, Rational embeddings of convex polyhedra (mentor Sheela Devadas, Stanford University) (slides)

Zachary Chroman

11:10 am Session 3

Ria Das, Investigations of mixed reinforcement-memory models for random walks (mentor Andrew Rzeznik) (slides)
Benjamin Chen, Ezra Erives, Leon Fan, Michael Gerovitch, Jonathan Hsu, Neil Malur, Ashwin Padaki, Nastia Polina, Will Sun, Jacob Tan, and Andrew The (PRIMES STEP students), Who is guilty? (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Benjamin Chen, Ezra Erives, Leon Fan, Michael Gerovitch, Jonathan Hsu, Neil Malur, Ashwin Padaki, Nastia Polina, Will Sun, Jacob Tan, and Andrew The (PRIMES STEP students), Alternator coins (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)

PRIMES STEP students

1:10 pm Session 4

Felix Wang, Ramification of solutions of functional equations (mentor Prof. Michael Zieve, University of Michigan) (slides)
Nathan Smith, Square-primitive gaps (mentor Xiaoyu He, Harvard University) (slides)
Meena Jagadeesan and Karthik Karnik, The Outer Automorphism of S6 (mentor Akhil Mathew) (slides)

Meena Jagadeesan and Karthik Karnik with PRIMES head mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova

2:25 pm Session 5 

Nina Anikeeva, Applications of ergodic theory to continued fractions on the Heisenberg group (mentor Prof. Jayadev Athreya, University of Washington)
Rafael Saavedra, Discreet coin weighings and the Frobenius problem (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Harish Vemuri, Tiling-harmonic conjugate functions (mentor Prof. Sergiy Merenkov, CCNY – CUNY) (slides)

3:30 pm Session 6 

Nelson (Shuheng) Niu, Extensions of classic combinatorial games (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Kevin Chang, Ordered Ramsey numbers of small graphs (mentor William Kuszmaul, Stanford University) (slides)
Louis Golowich and Richard Zhou, Maximum number of pairwise G-different permutations (mentor Chiheon Kim) (slides)

Kevin Chang

4:40 pm Session 7 

Eric Nie and Alok Puranik, Invariants of knots (mentor Zhenkun Li) (slides)
Albert Yue, Knot diagram invariants and bounds for the number of Reidemeister moves needed for unknotting (mentor Piotr Suwara) (slides)
Alec Leng, Independence of the Miller-Rabin and Lucas probable prime tests (mentor David Corwin) (slides)

Albert Yue

6:15 pm Session 8 

Maya Sankar, The dimensions of partially directed nil-Temperley-Lieb algebras (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Laura Pierson, Signatures of stable multiplicity spaces in symmetric group restrictions (mentor Siddharth Venkatesh) (slides)
Dhruv Rohatgi, A connection between vector bundles over smooth projective curves and representations of quivers (mentor Vishal Arul) (slides)

Laura Pierson

7:20 pm Session 9 

Alec Sun, Wall crossing bijections and representations of rational Cherednik algebras (mentor Seth Shelley-Abrahamson) (slides)
Matt Lipman, Representations of Cherednik algebras (mentor Gus Lonergan) (slides)
Matthew Hase-Liu, Counting points on curves of the form $y^{m_{1}}=c_{1}x^{n_{1}}+c_{2}x^{n_{2}}y^{m_{2}}$ (mentor Nicholas Triantafillou) (slides)

Matthew Hase-Liu

Sunday, May 22

Computer Science and Computational Biology

8:45 am Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Srini Devadas, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director

Leo Alcock

9:00 am Session 10: Computer Science

Harshal Sheth, Aashish Welling, and Nihar Sheth, Read-copy update in a garbage collected environment (mentor Cody Cutler) (slides)
Vivek Bhupatiraju, John Kuszmaul, and Vinjai Vale, Exploring proof of space with hard-to-pebble graphs (mentors Ling Ren and Albert Kwon) (slides)
Leo Alcock, Private publishing using Bitcoin (mentor Ling Ren) (slides)

From left: Prof. Srini Devadas, Henry Liu, Siye Zhu, and Justin Kaashoek

10:30 am Session 11: Computer Science

Cristian Gutu, SeifPass: A secure password manager (mentor Albert Kwon) (slides)
Henry Liu, Justin Kaashoek, and Siye Zhu, Scalable logging algorithm for in-memory database systems (mentor Xiangyao Yu) (slides)
Yatharth Agarwal and Vishnu Murale, Moving in next door: network flooding as a side channel in cloud environments (mentors Dr. Jason Hennessey, Kyle Hogan, and Dr. Mayank Varia, Boston University) (slides)

Betsy Pu

11:55 am Session 12: Computational and Physical Biology

Prof. Leonid Mirny, Introductory remarks
Laura Braverman, Protein determinants of chromosome domains (mentor Nezar Abdennur) (slides)
Betsy Pu, Chromatin states at boundary elements (mentor Nezar Abdennur) (slides)
Krishna Suraj, Emergent chromosome organization in interphase from loop extrusion (mentor Dr. Geoffrey Fudenberg) (slides)

Zachary Steinberg

2:00 pm Session 13: Computational Neuroscience

Prof. Ed Boyden, Introductory remarks
Albert Gerovitch, Metrics for comparing 3D neuron segmentations in expansion microscopy connectomics (mentor Dr. Adam Marblestone) (slides)
Zachary Steinberg, Automatic segmentation of punctate 3D super-resolution microscopy data (mentor Daniel Goodwin) (slides and video)

Kara Luo

3:00 pm Session 14: Medical Informatics

Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Introductory remarks
Daniel Lu, Study of various synergistic drug mechanisms in disordered protein-related diseases (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
Kara Luo, Computational modeling identifies biosynthetic modifications to improve drug inhibition against Klebsiella pneumoniae (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
Arul Prasad, Targeting viral envelope proteins: an application to the Zika virus (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)

Andrew Gritsevskiy and Adithya Vellal

4:15 pm Session 15: Medical Informatics

Andrew Gritsevskiy and Adithya Vellal, Compression and integration of human genomic variants into smart EHR systems (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
John Flahive, Providing clinical decision support to medical providers through interpretation of gene-drug interactions (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
James Jusuf, Exploring the effects of CTCF binding site mutations on transcriptional regulation (mentor Dr. Mahmoud Ghandi, Broad Institute) (slides)

PRIMES Computer Science and Computational Biology students and mentors with Prof. Leonid Mirny

Mathematics Reading Groups

Tuesday, December 6

6:00 pm, Room 2-146

Jeffrey Chang and Evan Fang, Defining the Jones Polynomial in Terms of the Tutte Polynomial (mentor Hood Chatham) (slides)
Sam Cohen and Peter Rowley, Dynamic Systems and Discrete Curve Shortening Flow (mentor Ao Sun) (slides)
Aaron Kaufer, The Domino Tiling Problem (mentor Lucas Mason-Brown) (slides)

PRIMES math reading group students and mentors with Prof. Pavel Etingof

Friday, December 9

5:30 pm, Room 2-146

Sathwik Karnik, Irreducibility Tests in Fp[x] (mentor Hyun Jong Kim) (slides)
Dylan Pentland and Albert Zhang, Posets and Their Incidence Algebras (mentor Atticus Christensen) (slides)

PRIMES math reading group students and mentors with Prof. Pavel Etingof


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