International Study and Internships

Taking advantage of study abroad opportunities is encouraged in the Math Department. There is also an institute wide recognition of the educational benefits of a period of study abroad. MIT organizes these visits through MISTI.

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These International Study pages have a wealth of information on each program.

If you are interested in participating in MISTI there are a couple of things to do:

  1. Search for a program that interests you here:
  2. Book an appointment with the study abroad coordinator by emailing
  3. TBD
  4. Speak with your academic adviser, or Theresa Cummings in the Math Academic Services Office (2-110)
  5. Email MISTI:

Here are some programs of various types in Mathematics that recent MIT Mathematics majors have attended. Several of them have kindly sent reports of their experience and invite you to contact them if you want more information.

Study Abroad

Imperial College in London Exchange

This is a one semester or full academic year opportunity to study in London, UK..

Deadline: Fall, Spring, Academic Year: mid-February

Direct Enroll Opportunities:

  • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

    This is a one-semester program in Budapest, Hungary. The language is English.

  • Math in Moscow

    A one-semester program at the Independent University in Moscow. The language is English. The American Mathematical Society administers National Science Foundation grants to cover some of the costs.

    Deadline for Direct Enroll Opportunities:
    Fall, Spring (certain programs), Academic Year, Summer: April 1
    Spring: October 15

  • MISTI Internships

    Gain real-life work experience in leading companies and labs in more than 40 countries worldwide through fully funded professional and research placements.

    The applications for MISTI internships open September 8th.

    Deadlines: Deadlines for Summer vary based on country, but can be as early as November 1st. Please review the How to Apply section carefully, and check each country program’s page for detailed timelines.

  • Global Teaching Labs and Global Startup Labs

    Global Teaching Labs: Use MIT’s hands-on approach to learning to teach impactful STEM courses to high school students abroad.

    Global Startup Labs: Teach advanced courses in app development, Internet technologies, and more at universities around the world.

    The applications for the Global Teaching Labs and Global Startup Labs are currently open. Here is the information about How to Apply.

    Global Teaching Labs Deadline: September 23rd

    Global Startups Labs Deadline: September 23rd (IAP) and February 15th (Summer)