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Request for Reimbursement

For members of the MIT math community, the quickest and most reliable way to claim a travel reimbursement is to submit your expense report via the Concur system at Once approved, the payment will be issued through direct deposit to the traveler’s personal account, the same one that is on file with the Payroll department. Travel expense reports via the Concur system can also be submitted via the Concur app (for android or iOS, see this link), and receipts can be uploaded through, the Concur app, or by emailing them to to from your registered email address.

For any non travel-related expense including meals (while not traveling) and other out-of-pocket expenses related to your work at MIT, an online RFP (Request For Payment) can be created and submitted through “My Reimbursements” on, and when saving it, you can upload a receipt. It should then be sent to Susan Ferguson for processing (you can leave blank the G/L Account and/or Cost Object, and provide information directly to Susan Ferguson (

For visitors or people without MIT certificates, requests for reimbursement of eligible expenses can be made by using one of the two links below. These forms are fillable PDFs for ease of use and they help to facilitate a faster reimbursement process. Please email a PDF of the completed form and your receipts to "". Headquarters staff will review and submit your expenses for payment.

Travel Reimbursement Request Form
Please use this form for all travel related expenses including transportation, lodging, meals and/or per diems (for foreign or pre-approved domestic travel only).

Quick Reimbursement Request Form
Please use this form for all other non-travel related expenses including meals (while not traveling) and other out of pocket expenses related to your work at MIT.

**Please download your form before filling it out as you will not be able to save your changes in the browser window.