Slack Updated 3-24-2020

The Math department has a slack workspace
Is slack is right for you? (pdf slides from ODL)

  1. Join slack by going to and log in with your kerberos
  2. Create a new channel for a class: click 'Add a channel' or click the (+) by Channels
    You will give it a 'name', and then you will see it in your slack channel using the hash #’name’. Note that you cannot use periods or other punctuation in your slack channel name: so instead of 18.600 you must use 18600 or 600. Pro tip: use a mix of the course number and name.
  3. Set channel to private. This will make it accessible only by students you invite.
  4. After you create the channel, you can add people.
  5. Click save outside of MIT (since students are not a part of the MIT Math workspace automatically). This will give you a link that you can share with your students.
  6. Email an invitation to your students.