Communicating with Students (and Course Staff)

Communicating Expectations to Students

  1. Start first communication with empathy for the new normal everyone is experiencing. Let students know that you are available to hear what they need, and to let you know what you can do to help.
  2. Recommendations for new study skills for the new structure
  3. If you have pre-recorded lectures:
    • Where they can find the lectures?
    • When they will be posted each week?
  4. If you give live online lectures:
    • What time classes will be?
    • What is the link to access the conference room?
    • Where and when can links to recorded sessions be found?
  5. When and how will office hours/recitations be held?
  6. What are your expectations for due dates?
  7. How will assignments be turned in?
  8. How can the students contact you?
  9. What discussion forums are you planning to use, and what are your expectations for how students use them?

Send Weekly Emails to Students

  1. Try using lots of exclamation points and smiley faces so that your emails feel positive!! :-)
  2. Note lecture times and links / lecture video posting times and links
  3. Updates to assignments, due dates, exams etc.
  4. Office hours / Recitations

Email Teaching Assistants and Graduate Student Graders

  1. Online teaching has more pieces. Make it clear to TAs if there are additional responsibilities they will have for your class
  2. Make sure they feel free to talk to you about challenges they are experiencing, and be willing to help
  3. Consider setting up weekly meetings with TAs
  4. Explain changes in calendar
  5. Partner with TAs about teaching recitations and office hours via Zoom
  6. Give clear assignments and expectations for TAs to help manage discussion forums (Piazza / Slack / Stellar)
  7. Explain processes for how homeworks will be graded now (if there is any difference)
  8. Explain processes for how exams will be graded now

Email Undergraduate Graders

  1. Hope they are staying safe and healthy, and to let you know if they will have any challenges in completing electronic grading remotely
  2. Explain how homework grading is changing (if at all)
  3. Clarify changes in homework schedule (if any)