Mathematics Department Headquarters Services

Mathematics Department Headquarters, located in 2-106, is the administrative office that handles financial matters, appointments, and visas; it also provides office supplies, is the home of the Department's fax and photocopy machines, and is the place to deposit outgoing mail. The Human Resources Administrator takes care of appointments, visas and health insurance. The Administrative Assistant will be able to answer questions and resolve any facilities or repair-related issues.

Headquarters Staff

Director, Administration and Finance Stacy McDaid
Human Resources Administrator Michelle Tabako
Financial Administrator Ting Ting Li
Receptionist Spencer Smith
Senior Financial Assistant Susan Fontes Moura
Senior Financial Assistant Julian Yun
Program/Project Coordinator Jacob Lehrer
Community and Outreach Officer Michael King
Senior Communications Assistant Sandi Miller
Event Planner Ji Hyun Park-Heath
Systems Administrator Jay Carrasco
Web Administrator Becky Ecung

Facilities Questions:


All outgoing mail must clearly show your name and an MIT return-address on the envelope. Please note that the Department will only pay for business-related mailing expenses; you should stamp all personal mail. As funds are limited, please be modest in department mailing. If you have what appears to be an expensive mailing to do, please check with Headquarters.

All incoming mail is sorted into mail slots in room 2-026, accessed by the 16-P key. The mail slot will correspond to your room number. It is important that you inform all your correspondents to use your building and room number for all mail addressed to you. The address should appear as follows:

Department of Mathematics
MIT, ##-###
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

If the building and room number are not listed, or if 77 Massachusetts Avenue is not written, incoming mail could be delayed. At the beginning of your stay in the Department incoming mail may not have your room number. The mail sorters will use a directory, located in the mailroom, to check your location. Otherwise, they will send your mail to Headquarters and it will be directed properly.

Telephone Policy

It is the procedure of the Department to check the telephone billing twice a year. Auditors require that we keep regular, periodic checks on phone usage. Please note that while brief necessary personal telephone calls are permitted, personal calls are otherwise prohibited unless a personal telephone credit card (calling card) is used. If there is an extreme amount of calls charged to the Department, we will ask you for clarification.

From MIT's Policies and Procedures, 13.2.3 Responsible Use of MIT Computers, Networks and Telephones, "The use of MIT's telephones is restricted to Institute business and necessary personal telephone calls. Necessary personal telephone calls include calls to arrange family and personal schedules, medical-related calls and other reasonable calls; these calls should be brief. No reimbursement to MIT is required for such calls." Also, "telephone calls related to personal business and activities are prohibited unless a personal telephone credit card is used or an explicit agreement for reimbursement to MIT has been established with the appropriate organization."


The Department's fax machine is located in Headquarters. Our fax number is (617) 253-4358. All Department members are asked to do their own faxing. If there is any personal faxing, please arrange billing with the Receptionist.


The supplies are located in the cabinet spaces in Headquarters. The Receptionist takes care of the Department's office supplies. Feel free to ask Susan if you need anything.

Copying, Scanning, and Printing

Printers are located in 2-252, 2-350, and 2-430. For technical information on printing, see printing in the math department.

There is a copy machine in Headquarters (2-106C), but please use this machine only for the smallest chores.

All copying should be for Department use (related to class or research work). If you have extensive personal copying to do, please stop by Headquarters to arrange reimbursement to the Department for your personal copies.