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PRIMES Circle: Coordinators and Mentors

Message from Dr. Chelsea Walton, Program Coordinator in 2013-2014


This exciting after-school program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to explore fascinating mathematical theories, such as graph theory, knot theory, or game theory. Working in small groups with other talented students under the guidance of MIT undergrads, you will discover the beauty of the mathematical way of thinking and the thrill of solving a challenging problem.

At PRIMES Circle, you will meet brilliant mathematicians, from professors to undergraduate students, who will guide your interest and help you achieve professional heights.

The new coordinator, Isabel Vogt, was a mentor for PRIMES Circle for the first two years of the program. During this time she ran an excellent course on The Game of Sprouts, which has connections to both graph theory and topology. I could not think of a better replacement as Program Coordinator.

Message from Isabel Vogt, Program Coordinator in 2014-2018


Welcome to PRIMES Circle!

In its fourth year, PRIMES Circle remains a unique program for motivated high school students. At PRIMES Circle, we will meet you where you are mathematically, and then guide you as you learn new mathematical theories and tackle new types of problems. This will certainly challenge you, but it will also push you to develop as a student and a mathematician, and to achieve even more.

I look forward to your applications!

Message from Peter Haine, Program Coordinator since Fall 2018


Welcome to PRIMES Circle!

Now a well-established program, PRIMES Circle is a wonderful way for motivated high school students to learn mathematics. You will work in small groups under the mentorship of MIT undergrads to learn about really interesting mathematical theories that you wouldn't normally be exposed to in school. Since the groups are small, learning is much more personalized than in the classroom. Topics are tailored to your background and your mentor can make sure that you understand the material and are able to ask questions about and explore directions that interest you. You'll also really get to know the other students in your group and learn from each other. PRIMES Circle will expand your way of thinking and help you grow as a student and mathematician. I'm excited to be the new coordinator of PRIMES Circle and look forward to receiving your applications.

I hope to see you at PRIMES Circle!


Marisa Gaetz
Agustin García
Daniel León Jiménez
Radha Mastandrea
Uma Roy
Maya Sankar
Michael Tang


Marisa Gaetz
Margalit Glasgow
Alexis Oriole
Dr. Dhruv Ranganathan
Uma Roy
Matthew Weiss
Joseph Zurier


Lara Booth
Ying Gao
Uma Roy
Alexis Slattery
Miguel Young de la Sota
Adela Zhang
Joseph Zurier


Colin Aitken
Ying Gao
Alberto Hernandez
Gergely Odor
Uma Roy
Adela YiYu Zhang
Wentong Zhang (Harvard University)


Justin Cavitt (Harvard University)
Zoe Hitzig (Harvard University)
Zehra Naz (Harvard University)
Patrick Ryan (Harvard University)
Veronica Salazar
Kristi Tausk
Leon Zhang


Lanqing Li
Kristi Tausk
Katerina Velcheva


Anirudha Balasubramanian (Harvard University)
Xiaoyu He (Harvard University)
Carl Lian
Isabel Vogt (Harvard University)

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