Fedor Manin

Fedor Manin

Visiting Professor

Office: 2-383


topological invariants in metric geometry, computational and stochastic topology


Fedya Manin, an Assistant Professor at UCSB, is visiting MIT in January-March 2023. He got his PhD in 2015 at Chicago under the supervision of Shmuel Weinberger, was a postdoc at Toronto and Ohio State, and has been at UCSB since 2019. He is a 2021 Sloan Fellow. His research focuses on topological invariants in metric geometry, such as generalized isoperimetric questions (for some type of geometric object, how does the size or complexity of a "filling" of that object depend on the size of the object?). He also works on computational and probabilistic problems in geometry and topology, including those inspired by applications to robotics or statistical physics.