Dor Minzer

Dor Minzer

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office: 2-265


Dor Minzer is assistant professor since September 2020. He works in the fields of mathematics and theoretical computer science. His interests revolve around computational complexity theory, or — more explicitly — probabilistically checkable proofs, Boolean function analysis, and combinatorics. With collaborators, he has proved the 2-to-2 Games Conjecture, a central problem in complexity theory closely related to the Unique-Games Conjecture. This work significantly advances our understanding of approximation problems and, in particular, our ability to draw the border between computationally feasible and infeasible approximation problems. He received a 2021 Sloan Research Fellowship.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2014 and a PhD in 2018, both from Tel-Aviv University, he became a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.