Jeremy Hahn

Jeremy Hahn

Rockwell International Career Development Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office: 2-374


Algebraic topology, homotopy theory


Jeremy Hahn’s joined the mathematics faculty as assistant professor in July 2021. He earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics from MIT in 2013 followed by a PhD from Harvard University in 2018. He returned to MIT as a National Science Foundation postdoc and a C.L.E. Moore instructor in 2018.

Hahn's program is in algebraic topology and homotopy theory, with a particular emphasis on structured ring spectra. With collaborators, he has done work in equivariant chromatic homotopy theory, the classification of high dimensional manifolds, and the redshift conjectures in algebraic K-theory, most recently offering a new proof of the Segal conjecture as well as showing the real orientations of Lubin–Tate spectra.