Raphaël Pestourie

Raphaël Pestourie

Research Affiliate

Office: 8-309


Surrogate Models, AI, Electromagnetic Design, End-to-end Optimization, Inverse Design


Originally from France, Raphaël earned a dual degree between ESSEC Business School and École Centrale Paris. He then earned a Master’s of research in Nanosciences at Université Paris Saclay. He conducted his master’s research on metamaterials at UC Berkeley in the lab of Prof. Xiang Zhang. Then, he earned a PhD in applied mathematics from Harvard University. His PhD research was about inverse design for metasurfaces, and he was co-advised between Federico Capasso and Steven Johnson at MIT. From February 2020 to June 2023, he was a postdoctoral associate at MIT Mathematics. His current research leverages AI and computing for inverse design. In July 2023, Raphaël joined the faculty of the School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology and remains affiliated with MIT Mathematics to finish on-going projects.