Martin Bazant

Martin Bazant

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Phone: x4-2036

Office: 66-350


Applied Mathematics, Electrokinetics, Microfluidics and Electrochemistry


Martin Z. Bazant is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds PhD in condensed matter physics from Harvard University and joined the MIT faculty in Mathematics in 1998. As an applied mathematician, he has made fundamental contributions to theoretical electrochemistry, electrokinetics, and fluid mechanics. In 2009, he joined Chemical Engineering at MIT and started an experimental laboratory, focused on electrochemical systems for energy storage and water purification. His honors include the Paris Sciences Chair and Joliot Chair from ESPCI, the Lighthill Lecture from the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, and Brilliant Ten from Popular Science Magazine. In 2015 he received the Alexander Kuznetsov Prize in Theoretical Electrochemistry by the International Society of Electrochemistry.
He serves as an Associate Editor of SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Reports (Nature) and is the Chief Scientific Advisor for the Northboro R&D Center of Saint Gobain Ceramics and Plastics.