Welcome to MIT Mathematics!

This page includes a number of links to information you may find useful across our website, whether you are just interested in taking a Math class or two or are thinking of majoring or minoring in Mathematics.

First, a welcome message from Prof Bill Mincozzi (PDF), our Associate Department Head and the Chief Education Officer in the department:

Here is some information about ways to get MIT credit for prior mathematical studies:

Everyone at MIT is required to take (or get credit for, as above) the two Math GIR's (for General Institute Requirements): single-variable calculus (usually 18.01) and multi-variable calculus (usually 18.02). You can find out about those on the Calculus Page.

Of course, we offer a lot of Math subjects beyond that. The list of classes offered each term can be found on the Courses Page and the full list of subjects offered in Math is available on the Course Catalog.

For those of you interested in the Math Major, details and requirements are spelled out on the Math Major Page. We have four tracks through the major: a very flexible “general” option, more specialized “pure” and “applied” tracks, and a track that combines coursework in Mathematics and Computer Science into a single major, 18C. We also offer a minor in Mathematics.

We sponsor many research opportunities for our undergraduates, including:

There are a number of undergraduate clubs and organizations, most notably:

And we have a very active Women in Mathematics group

And so much more: