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The MIT Mathematics currently offers several online math courses through the edX platform. Right now, we have a series of 3 calculus courses equivalent to 18.01 on campus, and a series of 4 differential equations courses, equivalent to 18.03, and a course on the Laplace transform, which is equivalent to 18.031 on campus. Each courses is offered as a synchronous course with deadlines and support from TAs on the discussion forum.

Courses 2019-2020 [Sort] Start Date [Sort]
Calculus 1A: Differentiation August 7, 2019
Introduction to Differential Equations August 28, 2019
Fundamentals of Statistics September 3, 2019
Calculus 1B: Integration November 6, 2019
Differential Equations: 2x2 Systems January 8, 2020
Calculus 1C: Coordinate Systems & Infinite Series February 26, 2020
Differential Equations: Linear Algebra and NxN Systems of Differential Equations March 4, 2020
Differential Equations: Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations April 29, 2020
Transfer Functions and the Laplace Transform June 24, 2020


How much do these courses cost?

Answer: These courses are free. However, you can choose to pay between $50-100 to earn a verified certificate.

Do I get MIT credit?

Answer: No. You can earn a verified certificate, but you do not get an MIT transcript.

However, if you are admitted to MIT, completing the calculus series or differential equations series will prepare you for the on campus advanced standing exam. If you pass the advanced standing exam on campus, you will receive credit for these courses on your transcript.

Do I get credit at other universities?

Answer: Maybe someday. But not today.

If you take our calculus series, and you are a high school student, you can take the AP Calculus exam to prove that you have learned calculus to a degree required by most colleges and universities.

How can I share my success in an MIT math online course from edX?

Answer: If you choose to purchase a verified certificate, you can post your certificate on your LinkedIn profile.