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Math Academic Services

Math Academic Services Staff

Michele Gallarelli, Hailey Lloyd, Barbara Peskin, Debbie Bower, and Theresa Cummings

Room 2-110

Math Academic Services (MAS) provides support to students and faculty with regards to courses, teaching, tutoring, degree programs, and student research.

All are invited to make MAS their initial point of contact with questions regarding the department, courses, and programs.

Responsibilities Include


  • schedule and staff subjects
  • administer lotteries, exams, and evaluations
  • manage service subjects — sections, exams, homework
  • collect and report grades

Programs and Degree Requirements

  • math major and minor oversight and degree audits
  • academic advising
  • graduate program admissions and administration
  • advanced standing exams and transfer credit
  • program requirements and graduation certification

Other Services

  • UROP administration and payroll
  • teacher training administration
  • Math Learning Center oversight

Academic Administrator

Barbara Peskin
Phone: 617-253-2416
Office: 2-110B

  • graduate admissions
  • subject scheduling
  • subject lotteries
  • recitation staffing
  • academic progress
  • academic policy

Graduate Program Administration

Michele Gallarelli
Phone: 617-452-2007

  • graduate admissions
  • graduate orientation
  • program requirements
  • student financial coordinator

Undergraduate Program Administration

Debbie Bower
Phone: 617-253-1258

  • math major and minor oversight
  • prospective undergraduates
  • program requirements and degree audits

Hailey Lloyd
Phone: 617-253-9416

  • UROP, undergraduate jobs, student payroll
  • subject evaluations
  • support for higher-level subjects
  • IAP coordinator
  • textbook coordinator

Theresa Cummings
Phone: 617-253-4977

  • support for service classes (18.01 – 18.06)
  • advanced standing exams and transfer credit
  • Math Learning Center
  • special exam accommodations
  • study abroad