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Summer Support

There are a few opportunities for support during the summer. Students may work as TA's or RA's or a combination of RA/TA. Students are sometimes supported in the summer after receiving their PhD. (Non-US students who graduate in June must apply for an Optional Practical Training visa several months in advance of summer employment.)


Faculty advisors select 20-25 graduate students to serve as mentors for MIT undergraduates and high school students in three separate summer programs:

  • Summer Program in Undergraduate Research (SPUR/SPUR+), for MIT undergraduates
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities (Supervised UROP, or UROP+), for MIT undergraduates
  • Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT, for gifted high-school students

RSI lasts five weeks; SPUR six weeks; SPUR+ nine weeks; UROP+ twelve weeks.

Further details are on the Mentorships page.

Teaching Math Subjects

Greater detail on summer teaching opportunities can be found on the Summer Teaching page.

  • Summer subjects: Several graduate students are selected to teach 18.085 and 18.089 during the summer. 18.085 meets MWF for 1.5 hours each day for 10 weeks (June to mid-August), while 18.089 meets two hours daily MTWRF, for six weeks, from early June to mid-July. The teaching of 18.085 or 18.089 may be split between two graduate students, if desirable.
  • Project Interphase: The Office of Minority Education runs a summer program for about 80 students who will be entering MIT in the fall, primarily under-represented minority students. It includes a mathematics portion with three calculus classes divided according to students' backgrounds, each with a teacher and a tutor. Hiring is done by the OME.

Research Assistantships

Professors with research funding are sometimes able to appoint students as RA's for as little as several weeks, with 1-3 month appointments being the norm. It is up to the student to explore RA funding opportunities.

Michele Gallarelli, in the Math Academic Services Office, coordinates all summer on-campus payroll for graduate students in the Math Department. Confirm all details of summer employment with her.