Talbot 2014: Motivic Homotopy Theory

Mentored by Marc Levine and Bradley Drew

March 16-22, 2014
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Here is a PDF of the syllabus for the 2014 Talbot workshop (subject to change). This includes detailed talk descriptions and references.

Northwestern University has been conducting a seminar in preparation for the Talbot workshop. Here is the seminar website, which will include some notes once the seminar gets going.

The MIT pre-Talbot seminar webpage can be found here, although its audience is smaller and its schedule less ambitious than its Northwestern counterpart.

The talk schedule is as follows.


  • Introduction and overview, by Brad Drew and Marc Levine (Duisburg-Essen). Amelia's notes.
  • Model categories, by Vivian Bailey (UCLA). Amelia's notes.
  • Quasicategories, by Meng Guo (Harvard). Amelia's notes.
  • Basic constructions with quasicategories, by Michael Catanzaro (Wayne State). Amelia's notes.
  • Localization and the unstable motivic $(\infty, 1)$-category, by Jay Shah (MIT). Amelia's notes.
  • Tuesday:

  • Symmetric monoidal $(\infty,1)$-categories and the stable motivic $(\infty, 1)$-category, by Amelia Perry (MIT). Amelia's notes.
  • Symmetric spectra, by Irina Bobkova (Northwestern). Amelia's notes.
  • Etale classifying spaces and representability of algebraic K-theory, by Paul VanKoughnett (Northwestern). Paul's notes, Amelia's notes.
  • The purity theorem and consequences, by Marc Hoyois (Northwestern). Amelia's notes.
  • Wednesday:

  • Morel's $\A^1$-connectivity theorem and homotopy t-structures, by Florian Strunk (Regensburg). Amelia's notes.
  • Endmorphisms of the sphere spectrum, by David Yang (MIT). Amelia's notes.
  • Introduction to algebraic cobordism and oriented theories, by Adeel Khan (Duisburg-Essen). Amelia's notes.
  • Conference hike.
  • Thursday:

  • Universality of MGL, by Ben Knudsen (Northwestern). Amelia's notes.
  • Landweber exactness, by Marc Levine (Duisburg-Essen). Amelia's notes.
  • The slices of a Landweber exact theory, by Lorenzo Mantovani (Duisburg-Essen). Amelia's notes.
  • Stable homotopy groups of spheres and their motivic analogue over $\operatorname{Spec}(\C)$, by Zhouli Xu (Chicago). Amelia's notes.
  • Friday:

  • The theorem of Hopkins-Morel, Part I, by Lukas Brantner (Harvard). Lukas's notes.
  • The theorem of Hopkins-Morel, Part II, by David White (Wesleyan). Amelia's notes.
  • The theorem of Hopkins-Morel, Part III, by Dylan Wilson (Northwestern). Amelia's notes.
  • Geometric aspects of algebraic cobordism, by Brian Hwang (Caltech). Amelia's notes.
  • Future directions and discussion session, by Brad Drew and Marc Levine (Duisburg-Essen). Amelia's notes.