Past Talbot Workshops

To the right, you will find a menu of past Talbot years. Please click on the year of interest to read about Talbots from previous years. There are notes available from the years starting at 2005.

If you like, you can also visit the old Talbot website for information regarding Talbots prior to 2009. Please beware of some broken links.

Finally, below is the list of all previous Talbots, including the topic, the mentor and the location.

Year Mentor Topic Location
2004 Stephan Stolz Stolz-Teichner model of elliptic cohomology South Pomfret, VT. (Talbot House.)
2005 David Ben-Zvi Geometric Langlands North Conway, NH
2006 Michael Weiss Automorphisms of Manifolds North Conway, NH
2007 Mike Hopkins TMF North Conway, NH
2008 Dennis Gaitsgory Affine Lie algebras and chiral structures Plymouth, MA
2009 Paul Seidel Fukaya Categories Nags Head, NC
2010 Constantin Teleman Twisted K-Theory and Loop Groups Breckenridge, CO
2011 Carlos Simpson Non-Abelian Hodge Theory Draper, UT
2012 Gregory Arone and Michael Ching Calculus of Functors Garden City, UT
2013 Mark Behrens and Tyler Lawson Chromatic Homotopy Theory South Lake Tahoe, CA
2014 Mark Levine and Bradley Drew Motivic Homotopy Theory Pigeon Forge, TN
2015 Kathryn Hess and Dev Sinha Little Disks Operads Mt. Hood, OR
2016 Doug Ravenel and Mike Hill Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory and the Kervaire Invariant One Problem Herriman, UT
2017 Maria Basterra and Sarah Whitehouse Obstruction theory for structured ring spectra Gooding, ID
2018 Emily Riehl and Dominic Verity Model-Independent theory of $\infty$-categories Mt. Hood, OR
2019 Soren Galatius and Oscar Randal-Williams Moduli spaces of manifolds McCullough County, TX
202One Jacob Lurie and Tomer Schlank Ambidexterity in chromatic homotopy theory Plymouth->Boston, MA
2022 Jonathan Campbell and Inna Zakharevich Scissors congruence and algebraic K-theory New Lebanon, NY