Juvitop is the MIT graduate student topology topics seminar. This term we're meeting at 5:00 on Wednesdays in MIT room 66-144.
In spring 2014, the Juvitop-pre-Talbot seminar will be on motivic homotopy theory.


12th Feb: The Nisnevich Site, by David Corwin, at 4:30.
19th Feb: The Unstable Motivic Homotopy Category, by Jay Shah.
26th Feb: The Stable Motivic Homotopy Category, by Will Perry.
5th Mar: The Purity Theorem, by Denis Nardin.
12th Mar: Algebraic K-Theory and Representability, by Jeremy Hahn.

Previous semesters:
Fall 2013 | Spring 2013 (with video) | Fall 2012

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