Talbot 2011: Non-Abelian Hodge Theory

Mentored by Carlos Simpson

May 1-7, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah

Program. The 2011 Talbot Workshop focused on understanding the representations of fundamental groups of algebraic varieties, modulated according to the participants' interests. Topics included:

  • The harmonic theory relating the moduli of Higgs bundles to the moduli of G-bundles with flat connection
  • Deformation theory
  • The topology of character varieties and symplectic/hyperkahler structures on moduli spaces.
  • Extending Hodge theory to account for higher homotopy types.
  • Studying non-compact cases.

Mentor. The 2011 Talbot Workshop was mentored by Carlos Simpson of the University of Nice.

Location. The 2011 Talbot Workshop was held at a lodge in Draper, Utah, a half-hour drive from the Salt Lake City airport. The lodge, adjacent to the Wasatch Mountain State Park, offered nearby hiking options and served as our home for the week. All talks were held at the lodge.

Applying. The application process for the 2011 Talbot Workshop has concluded. Please check the Talbot website after May to view the notes taken at the workshop. We will announce the topic and location of the 2012 Talbot sometime in the Fall.

Funding. We will be able to provide partial travel support to most participants. Food and lodging costs are completely covered. All funding for the 2011 Talbot Workshop comes from the NSF grant DMS-1007096. The same grant will provide funding for the 2012 and 2013 workshops.

For further information please feel free to contact us.