18.095 - Mathematics Lecture Series, IAP 2021

Ten lectures by mathematics faculty members on interesting topics from both classical and modern mathematics. All lectures accessible to students with calculus background and an interest in mathematics. At each lecture, reading and exercises are assigned. Students prepare these for discussion in a weekly problem session.

Organizer: Prof. Peter Hintz

Teaching assistant: Araminta Gwynne (araminta@mit.edu)


Everything will be held virtually.

Lectures are held MWF 1-2:30pm (zoom link).

Note: lectures will be recorded and accessible with MIT authentication on the zoom cloud.

Homeworks are due each Friday by 4pm, turned in on Gradescope.

Recitations are held every Thursday at 10:30am-12pm and 1-2:30pm. Both sessions cover the same material (zoom link).

Office hours are Monday 3-4pm (zoom link).

Grading is strictly P/D/F. To receive a passing grade, you must attend lectures and demonstrate solid effort on the problem sets.

Class Schedule