MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Fall 2016

Tuesdays 4PM, Room 2-135

Sep 9,10 and 11 FRG conference
Sep 13 Andrew Lawrie MIT Wave maps on hyperbolic space
Sep 20 Alexis Drouot Berkeley Pollicott--Ruelle resonances via kinetic Brownian motion.
Sep 27 Semyon Dyatlov MIT Resonances for open quantum maps
Oct 4 3PM Room 1-246 José Conde-Alonso U.A.Barcelona A dyadic RBMO space and pointwise domination of nonhomogeneous Calderón-Zygmund Operators
Oct 4 Michael Taylor UNC Riemann localization of Fourier series beyond L1 - a distributional approach.
Oct 6 3PM Rm 4-149 Alexander Logunov Tel Aviv The zero set of a non-constant harmonic function in R^3 has infinite surface area
Oct 11 Columbus Day
Oct 18 Christopher Sogge Johns Hopkins On the concentration of eigenfunctions
Oct 25 Gianluca Crippa Basel Exponential self-similar mixing by incompressible flows
Nov 1 Seminar Cancelled Pierre Albin Urbana-Champaign Analytic torsion of manifolds with fibered cusps
Nov 8 Phil Isett MIT A Proof of Onsager’s Conjecture for the Incompressible Euler Equations
Nov 10 Thursday 2-105 Phil Isett MIT Onsager's Conjecture
Nov 15 Xiaochun Li UIUC Some Radon transforms and their discrete analogues
Nov 22 Yumeng Ou MIT Commutators of singular integrals and multi-parameter BMO
Nov 29 Yu Deng NYU Long time Strichartz estimates on irrational tori
Dec 6 Vera Hur UIUC and Brown Wave breaking and modulational instability in full-dispersion shallow water models
Dec 13