MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Spring 2016

Tuesdays 4PM, Room 2-135

Feb 2 Andras Vasy Stanford The Feynman propagator and its positivity properties
Feb 9 Bobby Wilson MIT Projections and curves in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces
Feb 16 Seminar Cancelled Victor Ivrii Toronto Spectral asymptotics for fractional Laplacian
Feb 23 Svitlana Mayboroda U. Minnesota Absolute continuity and rectifiability of harmonic measure
Mar 1 Peter Hintz UC Berkeley Finite codimension solvability of quasilinear wave equations
Mar 8 Jesse Gell-Redman Johns Hopkins Equidistribution and non-equidistribution of phase shifts
Mar 15 Rm 2-142 Gunther Uhlmann U. Washington Seeing through space time
Mar 17 3PM Rm 2-132 Mikaela Iacobelli Cambridge U A gradient flow approach to quantization of measures
Mar 22 Spring Break
Mar 29 Frédéric Rochon UQAM Small eigenvalues under a cusp degeneration
Apr 5 Richard Lascar Paris 7 Dispersive estimates for waves in a general convex domain
Apr 6 Wednesday 3PM Vadim Kaloshin U. Maryland On deformational spectral rigidity of convex symmetric planar domains
Apr 12 1PM Rm 2-449 Mihalis Dafermos Princeton The linear stability of the Schwarzschild solution to gravitational perturbations
Apr 12 Maciej Zworski UC Berkeley Scattering poles for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
Apr 14 Rm 2-449 Lydia Bieri U. Michigan Motion of a Self-Gravitating Incompressible Fluid with Free Boundary
Apr 19 Patriot's Day vacation
Apr 26
May 3 Mathai Varghese U. Adelaide Spectral gap-labelling for magnetic Schrodinger operators
May 10