MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Fall 2018

Tuesdays 4PM, Room 2-135

Sep 11 Peter Hintz MIT Stability of Minkowski space and polyhomogeneity of the metric
Sep 18 Xueying Yu MIT Global well-posedness and scattering for the quintic NLS in two dimensions
Sep 25 Kasso Okoudjou MIT/U. of Maryland The HRT Conjecture
Oct 2 3PM Room 2-449 Bjorn Bringmann UCLA Almost sure scattering for radial nonlinear wave equations
Oct 2 4PM Room 2-449 Dmitry Jakobson McGill U. Zero and negative eigenvalues of conformally covariant operators, and nodal sets in conformal geometry
Oct 9 Columbus Day
Oct 16 Tristan Collins MIT Interior Regularity for Monge-Ampere equations in critical Sobolev spaces
Oct 23 Max Engelstein MIT Regularized distances and harmonic measure in co-dimension greater than one
Oct 31 Wed, 4 PM Room 2-131 Vlad Vicol Courant Solving the Navier-Stokes equation on the complement of a thin set
Nov 6 Casey Rodriguez MIT Threshold dynamics for corotational wave maps
Nov 13 Silvia Ghinassi Stony Brook C1,α Reifenberg theorems for sets and measures
Nov 20 Hong Wang MIT A restriction estimate in R3
Nov 27 Jeffrey Galkowski Northeastern U. Concentration and growth of Laplace eigenfunctions
Dec 4 Pablo Shmerkin Torcuato di Tella U. Some applications of multiscale projections
Dec 12 Wed, 3 PM Room 2-449 Serena Federico Università di Bologna Sufficient conditions for local solvability of some degenerate partial differential equations