MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Spring 2023

Tuesdays 4 PM in Room 2-136

Feb 7 Maciej Zworski UC Berkeley Magic angles and analytic hypoellipticity
Feb 14 Gonzalo Cao Labora MIT Smooth imploding solutions for 3D compressible fluids
Feb 21 No speaker
Feb 28 Cyril Letrouit MIT Propagation of singularities in subelliptic PDEs
Mar 7 Rita Teixeira da Costa Princeton Decay for the Teukolsky equation on subextremal Kerr black holes
Mar 14 Nicolas Camps University of Nantes Some probabilistic approaches to nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Mar 21 Peter Hintz ETH Zurich Gluing small black holes into initial data sets
Mar 28 Spring Break
Apr 4 Toan Nguyen Penn State The survival threshold for plasma oscillations
Apr 11 Dóminique Kemp IAS Decoupling and restriction for ruled hypersurfaces generated by a curve
Apr 18 Sohrab Shahshahani UMass Amherst Stability of the Catenoid for the Hyperbolic Vanishing Mean Curvature Equation Outside Symmetry
Apr 25 Shukun Wu Caltech An improvement on the three-dimensional restriction problem
May 2 Zhongkai Tao UC Berkeley Spectral asymptotics for kinetic Brownian motion on Riemannian manifolds
May 9 No speaker
May 16 Susanna Haziot Brown The desingularization of small moving corners for the Muskat equation