MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Fall 2020

Tuesdays 4 PM on Zoom

Here is the Zoom link for the seminar, valid for the entire duration of the semester. (Same link for each meeting of the seminar.)

Sep 1
Sep 8 Maciej Zworski UC Berkeley Mathematics of magic angles for bilayer graphene
Sep 15 Ruoxuan Yang MIT Shock formation for the Burgers–Hilbert equation
Sep 22 Matt Rosenzweig MIT Old and new perspectives on effective equations
Sep 29
Oct 6 Claudio Muñoz U Chile Asymptotic stability for some 1+1 dimensional scalar field models.
Oct 13 Christoph Kehle ETH Zürich Diophantine Approximation as Cosmic Censor for AdS Black Holes
Oct 20
Oct 27 Dana Mendelson U Chicago Non-Uniqueness of Bubbling for Wave Maps
Nov 3
Nov 10 Pierre Germain NYU Stability of kinks in one-dimensional Klein–Gordon equations
Nov 17 Klaus Widmayer EPFL On the stability of a point charge for the Vlasov-Poisson system
Nov 24 Thanksgiving
Dec 1 (canceled)
Dec 8 Minh-Binh Tran SMU On the wave turbulence for a random KdV equation
Dec 15 Dominique Maldague MIT A new proof of decoupling for the parabola