MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Fall 2015

Tuesdays 4PM, Room E17-139

Sep 8 Registration Day -- no seminar
Sep 15 Richard Melrose MIT The Laplacian on planar Hilbert schemes
Sep 22 No Seminar
Sep 29 Chris Kottke NEU Partial compactification and metric asymptotics of monopoles
Oct 6 Long Jin CMSA, Harvard Scattering resonances for convex obstacles
Oct 13 Michael Magee Yale Lattice point count and continued fractions
Oct 20
Oct 27 Ruixiang Zhang Princeton The endpoint multilinear k-plane theorem and generalizations
Nov 3 Yannick Bonthonneau UQAM Resonances in a strip: manifolds with cusps
Nov 10 Thomas Beck MIT Level set shape for ground state eigenfunctions
Nov 17 Alex Iosevich Rochester The Fuglede Conjecture holds in Zp× Zp
Nov 24 Marina Iliopoulou Birmingham Algebraic aspects of harmonic analysis
Dec 1 Philip Gressman U.Penn. Geometric convolutions and Fourier restriction beyond curves and hypersurfaces