MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Fall 2017

Tuesdays 4PM, Room 2-135

Sep 6 Wednesday Room 2-449 Michael Singer UCL Corners of the monopole moduli spaces
Sep 12 Jose Carillo Imperial Minimizing Interaction Energies
Sep 19 Pierre Albin Urbana-Champaign A families index theorem on stratified spaces
Sep 26 Xuwen Zhu Stanford Deformation theory of constant curvature conical metrics
Oct 3 Sohrab Shahshahani UMass, Amherst Tidal energy in Newtonian two-body motion
Oct 10 Colombus Day
Oct 17
Oct 24 Alex Iosevich Rochester Finite point configurations, rigidity and group actions
Oct 31 Maxim Braverman Northeastern The Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index on manifolds with non-compact boundary
Nov 7 Kay Kirkpatrick Urbana-Champaign Fractional Schroedinger equations, dynamics and decoherence
Nov 10-11-12 Meeting for Victor Guillemin
Nov 14 Tristan Buckmaster Princeton Nonuniqueness of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equation
Nov 21 Giovanna Citti Bologna Schauder estimates at the boundary in Carnot groups
Nov 28 Erin Compaan MIT Well-posedness for Dispersive PDEs on the Half-line
Dec 5 3pm Room 2-449 Henri Martikainen Helsinki Multi-parameter estimates via operator-valued shifts
Dec 5 4pm Room 2-449 Matteo Bonforte UA Madrid Nonlinear and Nonlocal Degenerate Diffusions on Bounded Domains