MIT PDE/Analysis Seminar

Spring 2019

Tuesdays 4 PM, Room 2-135

Feb 12 3 pm Room 2-361 Michael Singer UCL Boundary value problems for Einstein metrics
Feb 12 4 pm Room 2-361 Renato Luca U. of Basel On the pointwise convergence of solutions of the Schrödinger equation to the initial datum
Feb 19 Alexander Teplyaev U Conn Spectral analysis on singular spaces
Feb 26 Luke Rogers U Conn Heat Besov spaces and Bounded Variation functions on metric measure Dirichlet spaces
Mar 5 Yehuda Pinchover Technion How large can a Hardy-weight be?
Mar 12 Walter Strauss Brown Steady Rotational Water Waves
Mar 19 3 pm Room 4-145 Chenjie Fan U Chicago On the well-posedness of the stochastic mass critical NLS
Mar 19 4 pm Room 4-145 Michael Weinstein Columbia U On the mathematical theory of graphene and its artificial analogues
Mar 26 Spring Vacation
Apr 2 Fan Zheng Princeton Long term wellposedness of some periodic dispersive equations
Apr 9 Yu Deng USC Optimal local well-posedness for the derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Apr 16 Patriots Day
Apr 23 Elena Giorgi Columbia U. The linear stability of Reissner–Nordström spacetime for small charge
Apr 30 Simons Lectures
May 7 Hui Zhu Orsay Propagation of singularities for gravity-capillary water waves
May 14 4:30 pm Room 4-237 Go to the number theory seminar! Peter Sarnak Princeton U. and IAS The topologies of random real algebraic hypersurfaces and nodal sets of monochromatic waves