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PRIMES: Skanda Koppula's Story


PRIMES gave me an excellent opportunity to conduct real world research. Research in Computational medicine requires study of various disciplines such as Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Working on my PRIMES project has also taught me the dedication that is required to conduct good research. Working with my mentors not only gave me the unique opportunity to study the subjects, but also taught me the importance of dedication and perseverance that is required to conduct good research.

My interest in computer science started early in my middle school when I started programming robots using Legos. Spending long hours in building and programming has taught me how much fun it is to work on long term projects. PRIMES has strengthened this interest in me and taught me several lessons along the way. I also learned the importance of collaborating with others.

My mentor has guided me through the project and provided all the necessary tools. I had access not only to world class teachers and mentors but also with fantastic resources to complete my project successfully.

Working on PRIMES project is a unique opportunity for any high school student. The experience is unmatched in every aspect. I strongly recommend PRIMES to any high school student who is interested in Computer Science research.

I thank my mentors and the PRIMES administrators for providing me access to such a unique and great program.

Skanda Koppula worked on the project Prediction-based Bayesian network analysis of gene sets for genome-wide association and expression studies under the mentorship of Dr. Gil Alterovitz and Dr. Amin Zollanvari.

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