John Urschel



Doctoral Candidate, Applied Mathematics, MIT
Adjunct Research Associate, Mathematics, Penn State


I have done research in a number of areas, including combinatorial optimization, computational finance, graph theory, machine learning, mathematical physics, numerical PDEs, and others.

My result (with L. Zikatanov) regarding the connectedness of nodal decompositions of Fiedler vectors has received a fair amount of attention; it can be read here. The AMS Notices wrote a profile of me that discusses this result. It is kindly referred to as the Urschel-Zikatanov Theorem.

In addition, I currently have the fastest eigensolver for minimal Laplacian eigenvectors. The MATLAB code for the algorithm can be downloaded here, and the corresponding paper (with X. Hu, J. Xu, L. Zikatanov) can be found here.

Recently, I published a paper in SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis on centroidal Voronoi tessellations, which can be found here. It was my first major solo-authored paper and I am quite proud of it.

Right now, I spend most of my time thinking about graph theory, machine learning, and numerical analysis.


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Office: 2-490