18.102: Introduction to Functional Analysis


Richard Melrose
MIT, Department of Mathematics
Room 2-174
Email: rbm at math.mit.edu
Office hours: Wed, 2-3pm, 2-174. Or by appointment.

Time and Place:

Lecture:- Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2:30pm.
Room 2-102


Tonghoon Suk
Office hour:- Tues, 9:3-10:30, 2-091.

Tonghoon Suk will have a special Office Hour, 11-12, Wed 10 Oct, 2-091

Outline of the Course

I will follow the text fairly closely, at least at the beginning. My aim is to cover the first four chapters quite completely and with some applications from the later chapters. I will also add some material for which there will be notes.

Material covered


I have written up a few notes on the contents of Chapter 2 of the text -- let me know if you find them useful.
Notes on integration: Last altered 3 Oct 2007
Here are some more notes on Baire's theorem and related things -- including the Open Mapping Theorem.
Notes on Hilbert space: Last altered 5 Nov 2007
Notes on Dirichlet problems: Last altered 15 Nov 2007 (2nd version, lightly proofread)




Debnaith and Mikusiński Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications.

Homework and Exams

There will be 8 problem sets due on Thursdays, two midterm exams and a final exam (Tuesday afternoon, 18 December). All homework should either be submitted to me by email (it does not have to be in TeX, scanned written pages are fine) or on paper of reasonable quality, so it goes through the scanner! If you need decent paper I am happy to supply some.